Walking Meetings

Walking Meetings

Walking meetings are not for everyone but they definitely have a place in today’s world.   Let’s face it the majority of us spend – what is it – maybe 8 or 9 hours sitting at our desk 5 or more days a week.

What could be better than getting out of the office and walking and talking.


Walking, fresh air and sunshine are some of the first benefits that come to mind.

What you are also doing is getting away from looking at a computer all day long.  At first most people find that they are a tedious way to spend time but after a while you start to look forward to them – you can get some exercise and solve some of the daily work issues.  You are also probably more focused.


Because staff are ‘unplugged’ from their phone or computer – staff can be more open and communicative because they no longer have a distraction.


This is not just a walk in the park – you still need to be productive.  Make sure you have an agenda, purpose and conclusion aspect to every walking meeting you participate in.



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