Content in today’s market provides many choice for how people find, consume and share content. Traditional digital channels such as email, social media and mobile apps are still relied upon when people are consuming content.


This medium is still widely used but some people try to obtain a work-life balance but not checking it every second of the day. We are in a 24/7 environment but you need to take a break sometime. It still works well to drive your audience to out outlets – video, retail and it’s still reasonably priced.

Social Media

Younger people are still using social media but Instagram is more popular than Facebook these days. This change could be associated with a more visual platform that appeals to a younger audience.

The older generation is still using Facebook and getting their news on their mobile. The traditional method of radio/tv news is still popular but there has been a recent uptick in consumers over 65 getting their news on a mobile device.

Smart Devices

In the US smart speakers (eg. Google Home) are on the rise. Currently that figure is around 20% but according to Juniper Research some 55% of US households will have at least one smart speaker in their homes by 2022. Its early days before we get to this figure but this will also take off in other world markets.

You can’t appeal to everyone with your marketing and content but here are a few tips to help:

– Make sure your content is mobile friendly
– Know your target market (develop personas)
– Incorporate user/client testimonials into your marketing strategy
– Web content should be on point and skimmable

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