Does the look of your content play a part in what you read?

Attracting Attention

When I receive blog emails if the subject line doesn’t grab my attention I generally will skim to see if there is anything worth reading about.  However, if I see a great image and the blog is laid out beautifully I will make more of an effort to find out what the topic is about or whether it is of interest.

Think about it, if someone has taken the time to pick a great image you’ve got to think that the content will also be good.   Most times it is.

Clean Layout

The same can be said for an article that is laid out cleanly – in most cases it is a good read.   We are in a time that technology is moving so fast that we only really skim an article.  This means we may miss something but we are also more attuned to paying to attention to something that looks good rather than something that is really informative.  It really depends on the topic.

Nowadays, we are very visual because ‘a picture can tell a thousand words’ you just need to pick and choose if it works for you.



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