Managing client expectations should be on your to-do list so that you are always top of what’s going on in your business.  If you are a ‘one man band’ its an integral part of the business.  If you have someone to look after this aspect of your business – the ‘lucky you’.

Get It In Writing

If you are doing professional work for someone, even a friend – get it in writing.   Its a business after all and if you don’t get it in writing or have a contract you will be doing for less than a regular client.

Regular Reporting Process

Make sure you takes notes about phone calls, coffee meetings, anything that affects the work you are doing for your client.   You can either send a meeting report or send a report on a more regular basis – say weekly or monthly.  By doing this you are confirming the conversation to the client so that if there are any issues you can address them straight away.

Under Promise & Over Deliver

Always have a built-in contingency plan for things that come up during a project.  This happens a lot so be prepared.   Allocate time to address these issues without compromising on the overall project goals.

Over Communicate

Make sure the client is kept in the loop for anything and everything.  This is to ensure that everyone is on the same page of what’s being worked on and what’s coming up.

Create Boundaries

This one is important so you don’t get taken advantage of.   Create boundaries by saying no when you need to and training your clients on what to expect from you – by stating it or by an example (modelling).

Good luck!


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